our divisions

To ensure a smooth manufacturing process, we have divided our infrastructural unit into various departments.
Each department is managed by a team of highly skilled professionals.


Solvent extraction is the process in which oil is extracted from Oil Seeds like sunflower, rice bran, sesame, soya bean and several other Oil Seeds. This process involves the use of a solvent


The next step once the oil is extracted is to purify it or make it in a form which is safe for human consumption. The refining stage helps in removing any components from the edible oil which may have negative effects on taste, stability, appearance or nutritional value.The refining process only removes the unwanted elements from the oil but does not change the chemical properties of the oil. Our oils are physically refined thereby preserving the nutritional components of the refined oil.


Expeller is an oil pressing machinery. It is a mechanical method used to extract oil from its raw materials. The raw materials are squeezed under high pressure and friction causes the Rice Bran/Oil Seeds to heat up which eventually gives out the oil. In cold pressed oils there is no mechanical friction or heat applied. The cold pressed oil thus produced are 100% virgin and extremely nutritious.


We cater to our vast clientele and take up bulk orders with the help from our logistics team. We have an alert and systematic team that takes care of the orders, monitors the manufacturing process, manages flow of goods; ensures adequate packaging of the products, ensures prompt delivery and collects payments from the clients. Their role is basically to maintain decorum, code and conduct in the entire company.


We not only manufacture edible oil but also offer secure packaging of the oil. We have an individual packaging facility, where all the different brands of oil manufactured by us are packed. Clients can choose from various packaging options like plastic bottles, glass bottles, drums, containers or tinned cans. The packages keep the oil secure and prevent any spilling.