the svma assurance

Our commitment to new product development has resulted in the creation of healthy alternatives for an increasingly conscious world. Each product brings with it a unique offering.


SVMA’s pioneering technology ensures odour- free oil for
everyday use. Fortified with nutrients, SVMA refined oils are your promise to good health everyday. Principal SVMA
advantages include

  • Low temperature distillation technology
  • Low trans-fat deodorisers


SVMA follows a specific process protocol to ensure that full-fat soya retains a high NSI value. This makes it an ideal constituent of soya milk and other soya derivatives. Always at the forefront of innovative technology, full-fat soya from SVMA uses a unique no-heat treatment approach in order to enhance yield. Among our significant innovations is an innovative preparatory and extraction technology that has created flour with the highest NSI content (75-80) in India. SVMA Full-fat Soya packs in the following advantages.

  • No heat treatment ensures better product yield
  • Low fibre content
  • High NSI value (75-80)


Soya is fast becoming the vegan alternative for meat. Packed with natural protein, soya chunks from SVMA are processed in hygienic environments using advanced technology. SVMA’s edible soya chunks have,

  • Even shaped chunks for uniform cooking
  • A variety of size offerings, from 4mm-24mm
  • The advantage of an advanced dryer technology which ensures low moisture and enhanced shelf life


At SVMA, we are conscious of the need for sustainable solutions to the exploding baking and confectionary industry. Our R&D is focussed on deriving healthy alternatives to cocoa-butter, and sources them from locally available plant sources. This initiative has helped us expand our footprint into the health food industry. Our cocoa butter alternatives carry the distinct promise of SVMA and are available in the following options.

  • Palm Kernel oil
  • NBD SAL fat
  • NBD Mango Kernel Fat


SVMA rice kernels are certified by the central government as the ideal nutritional substitutes in school mid-day meal schemes. Every grain of rice is run through homogenised mixers to ensure uniform distribution of nutrients. Fortified rice kernels bridges the gap in traditional mass cooking, thereby ensuring all round growth and nutrition for consumers. Thousands of community kitchens across the country have found these advantages with SVMA Rice Kernels.

  • Enhanced cooking stability
  • World-class homogenous mixers for uniform distribution of nutrients
  • Long shelf-life
  • Versatile textures and colours of rice kernels


SVMA’s products readily cater to both the B2B and B2C markets. The wide range of products ensures that good health is constantly available in healthy, tasty ways without compromising on quality. Products from SVMA include

  • Soy Treat Soya chunks
  • Healthyway Refined Rice Bran Oil
  • Fortified Rice